Arroyo Grande, AZ Tree Care & Removal Services

Titan Tree Care is proud to serve the residents of Arroyo Grande. We have two certified arborists on staff and can bring more than 50 years of experience to bear on every project big and small. Below are just three of our most requested services.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is important for several reasons. First, it can improve a tree's shape. Second, it can improve circulation, making pest control measures more effective and thus prevent the spread of disease. Third, it helps trees produce better fruit (if applicable). Fourth, it can prevent a tree from toppling over during a storm.

This maintenance task (also called crown thinning) varies in method depending on the type of tree, but whether you own a maple tree, beech tree, or tulip tree, you can trust us to keep them healthy and good-looking. What we'll generally do is cut off any crossed, dying, or diseased branches. We'll clean up after ourselves when we're done. As for trees that are closing in on your home or on a power line, we can perform a crown reduction. We only consider this as a last resort, as it can encourage decay in the tree.

Tree Removal

Customers request tree removal for a variety of reasons. Some can't afford the maintenance any longer, while some remove it because it's too diseased to be saved. Whatever the case may be, Titan Tree Care will take it away and see that it's recycled. The process can be complicated, but we'll guide you through it step by step.

We'll start by cutting the limbs, then we'll cut the large logs. Our arborists can climb the trees using harnesses and all the other proper equipment, so you won't have to worry about our safety. We'll make sure none of the limbs get tangled in any power lines. Fences and other obstructions directly below the tree will be cleared out. Our team will measure out the space that's available to us so that the toppling of the logs won't damage your yard. Our job ends when we've cut the tree down to its stump.

Stump Removal

Removing the stump after tree removal is a separate job. It's always a good idea to remove stumps because they can serve as food for subterranean termites and ants, become an eyesore, and pose a trip hazard. We carry stump grinders, which will do exactly what their name implies; after we're done, it will look as if there was never a tree in your yard. We can also completely remove the stump using heavy-duty machinery; this will leave you with a hole to deal with, but you may be able to take that opportunity to plant a new tree.

Affordable Tree Care in Arroyo Grande

Titan Tree Care is committed to high-quality work and personalized service. Give us a call today to tell us what you intend to do with your trees or stumps. At no charge, we provide estimates tailored to the extent of the work customers want done.