Tree Crown Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

The canopy of a tree can easily become overgrown and too dense, especially if it is a desert tree that is being overwatered. Occasionally it is necessary to thin out the crossing/rubbing branches as well as branches with poor or weak unions to the main trunk. It is also important to remove dead or dying branches as well as diseased limbs as they may fall from the tree and cause injury or even death to people under the tree’s canopy. The general rule is to remove no more than 30% of a tree’s canopy at one time. At Titan Tree Care, we understand how different species of trees have unique growing patterns and we also understand what limbs to remove in order to create a structurally sound and sturdy tree. Additionally, a properly pruned canopy will be far less likely to get blown over during a heavy wind storm.

Debris Removal

During and after all work on your property, Titan Tree Care will be sure to remove all debris that is created during our pruning activities. Call today at 623-208-6437 for a free estimate.

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